Twins Special

Twins Specal Official “Thai Boxing equipment specialist”. As they say: “We are the best boxing equipment retail and manufacturer in Thailand.”


Booster Fight Gear one of the most known brand in the world with wide offer of fight gear equipment from Muay Thai Boxing till Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

BAMM Fight Gear

BAMM Fight Gear, Caribbean’s first own fight gear brand originated in Curacao. BAMM focus on the best price quality there is and for every budget!


A new brand by Nihon Sport from the Netherlands. Starpro aims to come with nice designs for small prices.

King Pro Boxing

‘King Pro Boxing‘ is a high quality brand that originated  in Thailand as ‘ King ‘. They bring first class workmanship with cool contemporary designs and innovative products.

Caster/ Caslite

Caster/ Caslite produces high quality rubber flooring & tatami mats. They are also known for making shoe soles for several A shoe-brands. It proofs the high quality of their rubber floors & Tatami mats.